Membership Types

Active Member – Active Member – one who is engaged in the production, treatment, or disposal of municipal, domestic, or industrial wastes. Honorary Life Member – one who has rendered valuable and outstanding service in advancing the objectives of the Association. Associate Member – a business that advertises in the Association quarterly newsletter either as a supporter or as an advertiser. Membership fee for supporters is $50.00 annually and the business name, location and phone number are listed in four newsletters. Membership fee for advertisers is $200 annually and their business cards are printed in four newsletters.

Dues Dues (except for Associates) are $150.00 for a three (3) year period OR – now you can pay: $65 for One (1) year $125 for Two (2) years OR $150 for three (3) years. The membership year begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st.


Newsletters, training sessions, contacts with fellow operators, annual and monthly meetings – all of these offer many opportunities to keep up-to-date on new technologies, stay informed about changing regulations in the water and wastewater industry and to share problem solving information with other operators. Being part of a strong lobby group and having access to valuable training sessions to earn CEU credit are two more reasons for maintaining your membership. When your application is processed, you will receive a copy of the By-laws, Articles of Incorporation, a Certificate of Membership, and a wallet-size membership card. Anyone holding active membership in MWPCOA may hold office. Associate members do not have the right to hold office on the Board of Governors or to vote on matters presented to the Association. If you would like to apply for membership with MWPCOA, please download our Membership Application pdf or apply on line using the form below.

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