Posted on July 6, 2023

Title: Assistant Water Treatment Plant Operator Department: Utilities

Reports to: Chief Water Operator Classification: Non -Exempt

Job Summary:

Work involves operational responsibility for assuring efficient operation and general maintenance work functions at the City’s water treatment plants.

● Supervises and assists in the operation, maintenance and repair of water treatment plant facilities/equipment

and monitors water treatment operations/processes per established procedures to optimize efficiency.

● Assists the Chief Operator in creating the schedule for annual operator demonstration of capability testing and bi-annual proficiency testing.

● Assists in performing a variety of water treatment quality control tests to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations; makes adjustments to meet standards; trains water treatment operations personnel as required.

● Makes daily inspection of plant and plant machinery; performs or supervises performance of necessary tests for control of plant operation.

● Makes decisions on chemical feed rates and plant process operations to treat a varying water quality and flow rate as required by the City water system demand.

● Performs standardized laboratory tests for water treatment plant process control (alkalinity, hardness, turbidity, chlorine and fluoride residual, pH, color, etc.)

● Collects a variety of water samples for laboratory analysis, process control, and regulatory compliance.

● Controls water treatment plant processes and equipment per established procedures to purify/clarify water for

human consumption and industrial/commercial use and to ensure a continuous, adequate supply of potable drinking water meeting federal/state regulations.

● Initiates and oversees filter backwashes.

● Communicates all facts essential to the efficient operation of the water treatment plants and reports all operating problems or emergencies immediately.

● Operates a mobile device for use in monitoring plant operations, maintaining tank levels, and conducting work activities.

● Monitors and inspects plant equipment and operations for safety, maintenance and proper process operations.

● Monitors and inspects division vehicles and tools for proper safety, maintenance and proper process operations.

● Maintains records and prepares periodic reports on the operation of the plant for use by the Chief Operator and department management.

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